Charles Darwin Academy Trust Ofsted good 2017

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Biggin Hill School, Bromley



We want our children to enjoy mathematics and thrive on the challenge of solving puzzles and problems using their mathematical skills. They should be able to articulate their thinking and develop resilience and perseverance through challenge, leading to a true sense of pride and achievement. We ensure that each individual is ready for the next stage in their learning and achieves their full potential.


In EYFS, children follow the Mathematics Educational Programme from The Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage. They have direct teaching sessions followed by work in small groups to complete related activities. Maths opportunities are available every day, both inside and out, with continuous provision. This structure continues into Year 1 before moving on to a more formal approach from Year 2 onwards. Years 1 - 6 follow the National Curriculum (Mathematics programmes of study: key stages 1 and 2) and the medium term planning from White Rose Maths. Lessons are planned to suit each class and use the outcome of the previous lesson to inform the next. Live marking and flexible groupings ensure misconceptions are addressed early and pupils receive the support they need. Teachers use their professional judgement to select teaching materials to accommodate their pupils’ needs. Manipulatives are used by children at all stages to enhance understanding of mathematical concepts, before progressing through pictorial models to conventional abstract methods. We ensure pupils have opportunities to embed basic skills, such as counting, number facts and times tables through regular arithmetic lessons. A series of levelled Maths Challenges enable pupils to demonstrate this knowledge. Success in these challenges is recognised by awarding badges. Children have opportunities to deepen their understanding through reasoning and problem-solving, both in mathematics lessons and other subject areas.

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