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Biggin Hill Primary School Open Days

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Biggin Hill School, Bromley


At Biggin Hill Primary School we use an enquiry led approach that challenges our children to take control of their own learning through a broad and engaging curriculum.

We deliver a curriculum that:


Through the use of high quality and engaging texts, we develop children’s core literacy skills. This approach focuses on exciting children about their reading and writing, through texts which are diverse, varied and appealing to all abilities.


We have a clear focus on developing children’s skills, both mental and written, across the numeracy curriculum. Once these skills are taught we provide a range of opportunities for children to apply them in different contexts thus deepening their understanding of mathematical concepts.


At Biggin Hill Primary School we ensure that our children make progress through the use of assessment; both formative and summative. Formative assessment takes place continuously in the classroom through questioning to deepen understanding of knowledge, marking and feedback and discussions held with the children. This is a key part of the learning cycle and our teachers use this information to inform their teaching going forward meaning that gaps in learning are avoided. The progress of our children is tracked and monitored through the use of online systems and formally recorded six times per year. This information is shared with parents and carers at the end of each term through Parent Consultations and an end of year report.

Formal summative assessments take place in the form of the Phonics screening in Year 1, SATs in Year 2 and Year 6 plus a times table assessment in Year 4.

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