Charles Darwin Academy Trust Ofsted good 2017
Biggin Hill School, Bromley


At Biggin Hill Primary School we use an enquiry led approach that challenges our children to take control of their own learning through a broad and balance curriculum.

We deliver a curriculum that:


Through the use of carefully selected core texts, that link to our ‘challenge curriculum’, we develop children’s core literacy skills. The focus of this approach is on improving children’s writing by using exciting, engaging texts that provide a model of excellence.


We have a clear focus on developing children’s skills, both mental and written across the numeracy curriculum. Once these skills are taught we provide a range of opportunities for children to apply them in different contexts thus deepening their understanding of mathematical concepts.


At Biggin Hill Primary School we use a system that tracks all children’s achievement in relation to age related outcomes. We use ‘Learning Ladders’ to support this system which allows children to know what they have learnt and what their next steps are. As a school we use teacher assessment to track the children’s progress 6 times a year when we provide a report for parents regarding their progress in reading, writing and maths. A final end of year report, reports on achievement in other areas of the curriculum.

All assessment information is analysed by teachers and the senior leadership team to inform future teaching, interventions and additional challenge that is required for all children. This takes the form of Pupil Progress reviews held every half term. Children also have Pupil Conferencing sessions 1:1 with their class teacher each term to discuss their progress and what they need to do to improve their work in the core areas.

From September 2015 children entering reception will complete a baseline assessment, provided by ‘Early Excellence.’

At the end of KS1 and KS2 children complete SATs tests.

Children in year 1 complete the national Phonics Screening test.

Children in year’s 3, 4 and 5 complete end of year option tests.

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