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Biggin Hill School, Bromley

Learning in Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

At Biggin Hill Primary School we are proud of our continuous provision approach in the Early Years. We offer this from Nursery through to Year 1. This approach means that the children have continuous access to a range of high quality resources that allow them to learn both independently and collaboratively. The continuous provision resources reflect the seven areas of the EYFS curriculum and allow children to continue, develop and extend their learning when an adult is not present. The EYFS areas of learning are:

Prime Areas

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Communication and language

Specific Areas

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding of the world
  • Expressive art and design

More information on the EYFS areas of learning can be found at:

We enhance what is on offer on a regular basis by adding in resources that reflect a particular child’s interests or that we know will support or extend a child’s learning - for example, in reception, the children came into school one morning to find a mysterious egg, they had to make their own minds up about where it came from and it encouraged children to find out about life cycles and animal habitats.

A large proportion of time is given to the children for child initiated learning throughout the day. This allows the children to take ownership of their own learning and express themselves through activities that interest them. The children are given the opportunity to experience ‘free-flow’ between the classroom and the outdoor area; in this way they are enabled to learn through their play with minimal interruption. The role of the teachers during this time is to observe their learning and when appropriate intervene with questions, challenges or suggestions that will enhance or support their learning. In addition to this children will work with adults on focussed activities every week. These activities are planned to support learning, further develop knowledge and skills and provide further challenge.

In both reception and nursery we have areas set up which include; mark making/writing, water and sand, messy/sensory play, construction, understanding the world, maths, role play and more. The continuous provision resources are available throughout the term to ensure that the children gain confidence in using different resources; children can revisit these resources which allows deeper thinking to take place. Enhancements that support learning and/or are related to a child’s interests are added to the different areas on a weekly basis.

The children experience this exciting, creative and play-based curriculum both indoors and outdoors - no matter the weather!

Assessment is ongoing throughout EYFS and is made through observation of children’s learning and development as they take part in activities. At Biggin Hill we use Tapestry, which is an online learning journal, to record these observations together with supporting photographs. Parents and other carers can also contribute to the child’s assessment profile and add comments and photographs. This is then a record of achievement consisting of photos, pieces of work and observations about the child’s development during their first years at nursery and school.

Learning at home

We encourage learning at home and love to hear about what the children enjoy doing when they are not at school. In reception we have started to pilot the Education for Sustainable Citizenship (ESC) Passport for home learning.

This is an initiative which enables children to learn about being sustainable citizens. The children work through a series of suggested activities at home that help them to learn about our planet and their role as sustainable citizens. They can collect special stickers for their passports and this year we hope to receive a Bronze Award for the Education for Sustainable Citizenship scheme.

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I like singing the days of the week every morning.
I like to do phonics. The actions are fun to do.
PE is the best - the climbing frames are big!
I love doing the role play loft. I liked it when we had owls and the noises were up there.
I like matching the numberblocks and Numicon because it helps me to count and I like counting. I want to do it when I am older!
I like being a builder because I can use the mixer and bricks.
The mud kitchen is very muddy; I make mud cakes and jump in the mud!

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