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Biggin Hill School, Bromley


At Biggin Hill Primary School we use a system that tracks all children's achievement in relation to age related outcomes. We have developed an internal system that allows us to focus our teaching on relevant skills and knowledge that supports them in meeting the expectations of end of Key Stage assessments. As a school we use teacher assessment to track the children's progress six times a year. Information about a child's achievement and progress is communicated three times a year via parent conferences as well as via a written academic report which is produced in July each year.

Pupil progress reviews are held six times per year and are attended by class teachers and the senior leadership team. At these meetings work is moderated and data is analysed. Children's attainment and progress are discussed and actions are put in place in order to address any issues that have arisen.

At the end of reception all children are assessed against the Early Years Framework.
At the end of KS1 and KS2 children complete SATs tests.
Children in year 1 complete the national phonics screening test.
Children in Year 4 complete the national multiplication tables check
All children complete ongoing assessments to support the tracking of progress.

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