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Biggin Hill School, Bromley

Design and Technology

Curriculum Intent

We encourage children to use their creativity and imagination to design and make products. Through the DT curriculum children should be inspired by a diverse range of engineers, designers, chefs and architects. This will enable them to create a range of structures, mechanisms, textiles, electrical systems and food products. We want to encourage our children to become problem solvers who can work creatively on both individual and shared projects. Children are given time to test their own products and make adjustments which enable them to change their designs and improve their end product. They have the opportunity to be reflective learners by evaluating their own work, as well as the design and work of their peers. By looking at the work of others and giving praise to celebrate success, and words of advice when products need further work, enables children to become evaluative learners.


Design and technology is taught once every term, each topic covers the three strands of DT:

  • Structures, constructions and mechanisms including electricity and technology.
  • Materials and textiles
  • Food and Nutrition

Design and Technology is taught in blocks, rather than once a week, as this enables the children to design, make and evaluate with fluidity. The topics are linked to the children’s cross curricular learning and their work is produced in the form of a booklet. The booklet shows the design process, the technical skills learnt, the making process and their evaluation of the product. They are kept in a red folder. The aim of the folder is for them to remain with the children throughout their school years, enabling both teachers and children to track their progress.

In each folder is a Progression of Skills in Design and Technology document. The skills are presented according to year groups and are divided into three areas:

  • Developing, planning and communicating ideas
  • Working with tools and equipment, materials and components to make quality products, including food
  • Evaluating processes and products

These skills will be highlighted as the children achieve them. This will enable staff to see, at a glance, where the children need support and where they are succeeding.

Design and Technology Road Map Design and Technology Progression of skills

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