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Biggin Hill Primary School Open Days

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Biggin Hill School, Bromley


Years 5 & 6

Posted: Mon 28th Jan 2019

Year 5 have had lots of fun in science this half term learning about forces. They have worked in groups to design their own fair tests of air resistance and water resistance, making parachutes and boats. They have also learnt about how mechanisms like gears, levers and pulleys can be used to make things easier to move. They learnt about how the lever on a catapult works, how they were used in history and even made their own. To finish it off the children designed their  own inventions, Wallace and Gromit style. 

Year 6 were learning about the lives of the Vikings on Friday. They spent the morning finding out about longhouses, rituals, raids, diet and weapons. They even had the chance to dissect and analyse Viking poo to find out more about their diet! It was truly grim however they enjoyed getting stuck in!


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