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Newsletter Week 20 29th January-2nd February 2018

Posted: Tue 6th Feb 2018

Thank you so much to everyone who managed to come to our Look at my Learning morning today. We hope that you enjoyed looking at some of the ways in which the children learn to spell—the children were thrilled to be able to show you their work. If you were not able to come along today, please don’t worry, there will be an opportunity to look at all of your child’s work on Wednesday at parent conferences.

Please be aware that the parking situation has become so dangerous and anti social on Old Tye Avenue at pick up and drop off times that we have requested that the council send unmarked patrol cars—if you want to avoid a hefty fine or worse, please park safely and considerately. T

hank you to Y6 Osborne class who did their last ever class assembly yesterday; it was great—we particularly loved their dance! Congratulations are also due to 6O this week as they are not only our attendance winners this week, but they have also held on to the top spot in our attendance league!

Have a lovely weekend!                               

James Ellis


Stars of The Week!

 Well done to ….

Goodall:  Holly Scudder

Blake:  Nathaniel Bates

Goldsworthy:  Natalie Fitzgerald

O’Keeffe:  Mia Campbell

Rousseau: Ellie-May Friend

Francis:  Alfie Kent

Baker:  Olivia Daley

Lichtenstein:  Isabelle Parker

Disney:  Lacie Kensit

Clements:  Sara Ali

Rauschenberg:   Hannah Smithson

Van Gogh:  Raya Peacock

Osborne:  Daniel Major

Gaudi:  Jack Kirby 

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