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Newsletter Week 19 22nd-26th January 2018

Posted: Mon 29th Jan 2018

As you know, the school has been an absolute hive of activity this week due to Enterprise Week; thank you for your support of this project! The children have loved every second...and let’s just say that staff are looking forward to putting their feet up this weekend! Y1 Goldsworthy class still managed to do a marvellous sharing assembly yesterday and today Year 5 have gone on a trip to the British Museum in London as part of their learning about the Ancient Egyptians.

The attendance league is well under way and a massive congratulations to Gaudi class who got 100% attendance this week—brilliant. Overall school attendance is starting to climb back up—please keep up the good work.

 Have a lovely weekend!                                

James Ellis


Stars of the Week—Week 19

Goodall:  Bella Cook

Blake:  Scarlett Forster

Goldsworthy:  Lillie McDaniels

O’Keeffe:  George Henn

Rousseau: Ruby Ferguson

Francis:  Poppy Rye

Baker:  Ruby Lawrence

Lichtenstein:  Daisy Gatland

Disney:  Sky Goksal

Clements:  Michael Robinson

Rauschenberg:   School Trip

Van Gogh:  School Trip

Osborne:  Whole Class

Gaudi:  Whole Class


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