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Biggin Hill School, Bromley


5th July 2024 - Stars of the Week!

Posted: Fri 5th Jul 2024

Banksy:  Bella A   Thorpe:  Eddison M   Coyle:  Joshua B   Van Gogh:  Roseanna C

Emberley:  Whole Class   Chung:  Daisy S   Shuster:  Dylan D’R  Blake:  Whole Class

Goldsworthy:  George M & Megan H   Eldridge:  Cameron M   O’Keeffe:  Daisy S

Leibovitz:  Baxter B & Poppy LS   Fishel:  Whole Class   Warhol:  Whole Class

Aspire:  Caroline T & Daniella G    Congratulations!


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