Charles Darwin Academy Trust Ofsted good 2017
Biggin Hill School, Bromley

Y5 Katharine Woodfine Class

Our literacy work this half-term will be based around Hidden Figures, a text about three black women who worked at NASA in the 1950s-60s. We will be learning to consider the audience and purpose for which we are writing, and will be beginning to use brackets and dashes to add parenthesis.

In maths we will be focusing on statistics – reading and interpreting line graphs and timetables to solve problems. We will also be working on the formal vertical method for multiplication, and learning short division by 3 and 4.

In science, our big question is ‘Can you feel the force?’, in which we will be learning all about the different kinds of forces that act on us in daily life, including air resistance, water resistance, friction and gravity. We will be using this learning to build a pinball machine in our DT project.

In humanities our big question is ‘How can we rediscover the wonders of ancient Egypt?’. In this topic we will cover ancient Egyptian burial rituals, hierarchies and why people chose to settle near the river Nile.


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