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Biggin Hill School, Bromley

Y2 Josephine Baker Class

In maths we will be working on addition and subtraction. We will make 2-digit numbers using dienes, then use dienes for adding. We will learn how to count on and back in 10s from any number. We will learn how to use a number line to add and subtract 2 digit numbers by partitioning them into 10s and 1s.

In phonics will practise blending sounds into words and using sounds to write words. In guided reading we will read books by a range of authors and discuss what we have read. When writing, we will use plans to help us structure our writing. We will learn about the difference between statements, questions and commands.

In humanities we will be comparing England and Kenya. This will involve identifying England, Kenya, the Equator and the Poles on a map. We will learn about basic similarities and differences between England and Kenya. 

In science we will be learning about different materials. We will learn the names of different materials and sort them by their properties. We will learn what materials our school is made from, and why some materials are better for some uses than others.

We will also do work for Anti-Bullying Week and Christmas.


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