Charles Darwin Academy Trust Ofsted good 2017

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Biggin Hill School, Bromley

Y5 Ida B. Wells Class

This year in Literacy, we will be reading high-quality texts including The Lost Thing, Can We Save the Tiger?, Hidden Figures and Otto. These texts link into our wider curriculum learning.

We will be continuing our learning on making inferences from what we have read and will be building confidence using evidence to support our inferences. We will be reading a range of non-fiction and fiction texts to support our learning and will be beginning to identify themes across a range of genres.

In Maths, we will continue developing our understanding of place value. In year 5 we will be reinforcing our understanding of formal methods of addition and subtraction. We will be developing the children's year 4 learning of formal multiplication and applying this learning to long multiplication of two two-digit numbers. We will also be learning how to interpret line graphs, complete calculations using fractions with different denominators, learning to use protractors and introducing decimals up to two decimal places.

Topics this year include: 

Highlights of the year will include various Buzz days including astronaut training day, Egyptian day and swimming lessons in January!

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