Charles Darwin Academy Trust Ofsted good 2017
Biggin Hill School, Bromley

Roy Lichtenstein Class

Children will be reading the book Black Dog by Levi Pinfold and identifying the structure of the text. Children will be looking at the issue of the size of the dog and how it relates to fear and worry. Children will write their own story with suspense based on a fear they might have using the structure of Black Dog. This will have opportunities to embed speech, and adverbials for how, where and when, which they will apply within their own writing.

In maths we will interpret and present data in charts and graphs with scales in 2s, 5s and 10s. We will learn to measure the perimeter of 2D shapes. We will learn about fractions; how to recognise fractions of shapes and calculate fractions of amounts; compare, order and add and subtract fractions with the same denominator; begin to learn about decimal fractions.  We will continue to learn our multiplication and division facts for the 3 and 4 times tables and start to lean our 8 times table.

Our science question is ‘Do opposites attract?’ We will learn about forces and magnets. We will observe how magnetic forces work and classify materials which are attracted to magnets. We will suggest how to find things out and test predictions using fair tests. We will record and present what we find out using scientific language. We will then use our understanding of magnets to design, create and evaluate our own board games using magnets.

Our humanities question is ‘What are the rules?’ We will learn about rules in different communities, including our school. We will learn about rules in different religions including Christianity and Sikhism. We will then discuss moral values and try to compile our own list of moral values.

In French we will learn to say the days of the week and name colours, learn to count to 20 and name some countries.  We will learn to express our likes and dislikes.

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