Charles Darwin Academy Trust
Biggin Hill School, Bromley

Gwyniad Class

Our Literacy work this half-term will be based around the book Grimm Fairy Tales, we will be using the text to look at the structure of a traditional narrative and at character profiles before writing our own.  In Maths we will be focusing on shape – 2D and 3D and how we translate and rotate shapes.  We will also be working on our arithmetic skills. We will continue to practice and use our times table knowledge and we will be apply our maths skills to help us to solve problems and puzzles involving the four operations.

In Science our big questions are   ‘What discoveries have scientists made?’  and “Have we always looked like this?”  Within these topics we will learn all about scientific discoveries such as black holes and DNA alongside the work of famous scientists such as Stephen Hawking.  We will also be looking at the theory of evolution and how humans and animals have changed and adapted over time.

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