Charles Darwin Academy Trust
Biggin Hill School, Bromley

Great Crested Newt Class

Our literacy work this term will be based around two books; The Magic Bed and Little Red Riding Hood.  We will use the texts to identify the features of exclamatory sentences and how these are different to question sentences. We will also be continuing our learning of expanded noun phrases and the 4 word classes. Through the use of these texts we will be creating stories and comic strips, and will develop our understanding of how to plan by discussing and recording our ideas and self- correct our work for spelling and punctuation errors. 

 In maths we will be covering all areas, with a particular focus on multiplication and division using the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. All maths learning will involve problem solving and reasoning questions as well.   

 Through science, children will learn about seeds, how we plant them, what they need in order to grow successfully, what the different types of habitats are that animals have, what they need in order to survive and how they have changed since Autumn now that it is Winter. 

Our history topic will involve learning about the Great Fire of London, how we know about it, what were the significant events and how London has changed today because of it. The children will also be visiting the Museum of London on Friday 20th January as part of this topic.

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