Charles Darwin Academy Trust
Biggin Hill School, Bromley

Bumble Bee Class

In class we have been learning about reporting the weather. If you would like to watch our video click on Year 1-Weather Video in the Links.

This year in Literacy we are going to base our learning on a variety of high quality texts. 

We will be working towards achieving in our writing:
Using a simple structure, using simple adjectives and making appropriate word choices to convey our ideas.  We will also focus on using the correct punctuation in our sentences and improving our handwriting.

Our reading targets help us to:
Better comprehend texts that we read, make simple predictions about characters and recognise their feelings. We will also work on understanding what new words mean and identifying 'story' language.


In Maths this year we will cover a lot of areas...
We want to make sure that the children become more confident in reading and writing numbers to 100 and use them when calculating in different ways.
We will learn more about measures, shape and time. We will then use these skills to work out problems.


Our science questions this year will be:

Our humanities questions will be:

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