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The Biggin Hill Way Positivity Approaching everything we do with a smile and a can do attitude Respect Treating others and our environment with care and consideration Inclusivity Involving sharing with and supporting others Discovery Having a thirst for learning and a questioning mind Endeavour Wanting and trying to be the best in all that you do. Giving everything 100 We use ve core values at Biggin Hill Primary School. These lead to the key message that we take PRIDE in everything we do. We celebrate all successes with the children from good attendance to producing an outstanding piece of writing. All aspects of school life are praised through our values in the form of team points. Team points provide us with a way of promoting collaborative work as the children work collectively to achieve success. Curriculum At Biggin Hill Primary School we use an enquiry led approach that challenges our children to take control of their own learning through a broad and balanced curriculum. We deliver a curriculum that Excites engages and inspires children giving them a love of learning. Gives children the skills and knowledge to succeed as lifelong learners. Motivates children to question their own learning becoming inquisitive independent learners. Supports all children to reach their full potential and prepare them for future life. Literacy Through the use of carefully selected core texts that link to our challenge curriculum we develop childrens core literacy skills. The focus of this approach is on improving childrens writing by using exciting engaging texts that provide a model of excellence. Numeracy We have a clear focus on developing childrens skills both mental and written across the numeracy curriculum. Once these skills are taught we provide a range of opportunities for children to apply them in different contexts thus deepening their understanding of mathematical concepts.