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Biggin Hill School, Bromley

Newsletter Week 31 11th May 2018

Posted: Fri 11th May 2018

We are so proud of Year 2 who have completed their SATs this week—they have been so sensible, hard working and positive and we just could not be more proud of them ! Well done and thank you to the Year 2 team and all of the staff who have helped with SATs as it requires a lot of additional planning and re timetabling!

Thank you to Rauschenberg who did a marvellous class assembly yesterday and to Osborne class who have the best attendance yet again!

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish Year 6 the very best of luck with their SATs next week—we know how hard you have worked and all you need to do now is your best.

Good Luck!

Have a great weekend.  

James Ellis


Stars of the Week

Goodall:  Daisie Wickham

Blake:  Callum Giles

Goldsworthy:  Violet Price

O’Keeffe:  Amelia Clark

Rousseau:  Whole Class!

Francis:  Whole Class!

Baker:  Callum Eldred

Lichtenstein:  Jason Caller

Disney:  Libby Mew

Clements:  Lily Beesley

Rauschenberg:   Callum Smart

Van Gogh:  Kieran Daley

Osborne:  Abigail Birigwa

Gaudi:  Rubi Sleight


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