Charles Darwin Academy Trust
Biggin Hill School, Bromley

Little Whirlpool Ramshorn Snail Class

Our Literacy work this half-term will be based around the book There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom.  We will use the text to write recounts, an extended response to the text and letter writing. In Maths we will be focusing on place value and number including rounding and decimals. We will continue to practice and use our times table knowledge and we will be apply our maths skills to help us to solve problems and puzzles involving the four operations.

In Science our big question is ‘Will we ever send another man to the moon?’ During this topic we will explore the planets, the solar system and how the seasons work.

In Humanities our big question is ‘What is so special about the USA?’  During this topic, we will learn about the physical features of North America, Native American Tribes and festivals celebrated within the USA.

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